Qualifying Exam

The student must submit to the general qualifying exam (GQE), after the total credits in courses and have completed the thesis project, which will aim to assess their maturity in their research field

This will be done over the “sketch” of the thesis.

The minimum period for EGQ completion is six (6) months to the deadline of the student program, in accordance with Article 81 of the Rules of USP Postgraduation.

§ 1º- The student must be approved in the qualifying exam within six months before the deadline for placing the dissertation or thesis

The GQE will be provided by an examining committee, consisting of three members.

The mentor does not incorporate the examining committee, but its presence is required to assist the student in suggested corrections by the committee, in its absence the exam will be canceled. At the end of the argumentation of the exam the word will be given to the mentor for pertinent comments.

Members of the examining committee must hold at least a Doctorate degree.

It should be suggested at least two members in the composition of the examining committee of the thesis.

To be considered approved, the GQE candidate must obtain approval of at least two examiners.

The student who failed in the GQE may undergo further examination only once, after a minimum period of six months, since it is up to 6 months before the deadline for placing the thesis.