Postgraduate Strict Sense

Welcome to postgraduate strict sense!

The Course of Postgraduate strict sense has undergone changes since 2008, as approved by CAPES, when there was a merger of Hematology and Rheumatology programs, then changing of Medicine to Medical Sciences, with the purpose objective of uniting smaller interdisciplinary programs of postgraduate courses for comprising a greater critical mass in the different lines of research.

In 2013, CAPES triennial evaluation of the Postgraduate Medical Sciences Program had the final grade average of seven (7), which is the highest grade, repeating the same result as the previous three years.

The Department of Clinical Medicine opted for the restructuring of Clinical Emergencies program focused on the relationship of mentor-guided with a new conception of scientific knowledge construction, seeking the boundaries among several areas of knowledge that composes this program, and with others to interface with the issues to be investigated, as well as a broader, critical, creative and integrated researchers formation with other areas of knowledge and encouraging a networking considering the fact that it reached grade five at CAPES. Thus, it is expected not only absorb the current students, but mainly offer the course in full form for the community

The structure was composed as: Clinical Emergencies, Rheumatology, Hematology and areas that had not Postgraduate Sensu Strictu; Geriatrics, General Practice, Medical Education, and some professors of Immunology and Endocrinology.

With this, the intention is to allow a greater sharing of knowledge transcending the medical specialties, to increase the availability of existing research infrastructure that would not be linked to specialties, beyond becoming more efficient to the administrative structure of the courses.


  • Concentration Areas

    • Infection and Immune Processes
    • Inflammatory and Allergic Processes
    • Genetic, Development and Metabolism Disorders
    • Cell Growth, Hemodynamic and Haemostasis Disorders
    • Education and Health